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Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Backup is simply having a reliable copy of important files held somewhere safe. Our backup services help you setup and manage regular backup routines either:

For instance, have you asked your IT support company whether they perform out of office hours backups? Some IT support companies charge you extra for this. It’s an important question when it could mean office hour backups interrupting your busiest period.

Disaster Recovery

Computer Disaster Recovery is more than just data backup, it ensures that you have the resources available to get your systems back up and running within certain timeframes with predefined scenarios.  Disaster Recovery is a vital component of Business Continuity Planning, which is taking the proper measures to plan for a critical event, so that you can continue to operate with the minimum of disruption.

Disaster recovery is cheaper, quicker, easier and more complete in a virtual world.

 One difference is our capability to support both older physical environments alongside virtual ones, which remains the situation in many organisations. It also means their products are often used for migration, that is, for backing up a physical server and restoring it as a virtual machine (VM).

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