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For many years I have been involved in IT systems’ implementation and have provided clients with on-site and support desk assistance. During this time I have become acutely aware of the importance of clear, unambiguous communication between IT support providers and their clientele.

No one likes to be patronized and yet far too often IT ‘gurus’ either talk down to their clients or use jargon infested language which requires a physics degree to be understood.

Technology needs to be communicated in easy terms so that important detail is apparent and understood. Most technological tasks can be completed by anyone with sufficient training and background. The ‘real’ expertise comes in communicating about technology with clarity so that the client understands concepts and implications and can make informed decisions.

This is where NCI stands out from the crowd. You can buy technology from any one of a hundred providers. NCI does not sell technology and has no vested interest in promoting a particular line or product. Our service centres on making sure that you get the right solution, at the right price, based on quality information. We are then able to implement solutions which align with your organization’s priorities and budget and which integrate with existing systems and infrastructure.

NCI Technologies has the technical expertise, strategic perspective and ethical approach necessary to support your business.

Chris Burke
NCI Technologies

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